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Cellaring 101: The Basics of Storing Beer

The concepts of a beer cellar and aging beer are both very new even among many craft beer enthusiasts. As the craft industry continues to grow, sales surge and customer demand for a wider range of styles increases, so has the culture of storing, preserving and sharing aged beers.

Beer cellaring is so new, in fact, that even in the age of the Internet, information on the topic is slim. Since the finished product is entirely subjective to taste, opinions may not always be consistent from one person to the next. Where the wealth of information lies, then, is with the beer enthusiasts, homebrewers and brewmasters who are practicing and learning the art of cellaring beer.

I reached out to friends and industry professionals in Houston who keep collections of cellared beers -- some of which are several hundreds of bottles large -- to help me build a solid foundation of information on cellaring. What follows is a basic idea of how to begin storing and aging beer for future enjoyment months and even years down the road.

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Joshua Justice
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