Change Is Good

The new management at Baby Barnaby's (602 Fairview, 713-522-4229) has brought about several changes. From the pink walls and colorfully striped ceiling to the flat-screen TV and satellite radio, there are a lot of things for fans of this cozy Montrose breakfast spot to get used to. But one change most everyone can agree on is the "green eggs" ($6.50). The dish used to include the Seuss-friendly ham (along with the artichoke hearts, spinach and Monterey Jack cheese), but customers so often requested they hold the meat that Barnaby's now omits it from the get-go. The new version arrives glistening and steamy, a moist mound of bright green-flecked scrambled eggs nestled between four triangles of wheat toast, with smoked chicken-apple sausage on the side (or fruit, if you're going meatless). The saltiness of the artichoke hearts is balanced by the creaminess of the Jack cheese. The best way to gobble these down is to scoop them up on a bite of toast. The dish washes down just right with a cup of joe.

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Anna Ossenfort
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