Charities Duke It Out for OKRA Charity Saloon's December Proceeds

This month, The Original OKRA Charity Saloon is trying something a little different to determine which lucky charity will be the recipient of the bar's December proceeds.

Usually, the bar picks four local charities per month and offers drinkers and diners the opportunity to vote for the organization they most want to benefit. For every purchase -- food or drink -- the patron gets one vote. So do a lot of eating and drinking at OKRA Charity Saloon and you could help a deserving charity win thousands of dollars.

"It helps you feel good about drinking," says Joshua Martinez, owner of Goro & Gun and a board member of OKRA. "Not that I need a reason. But when you drink, you know that the money you spent will trickle down to a charity, and sometimes it's more money than they've ever had in their annual budget."

In order to give the charities who didn't win the pot the past 11 months a second chance, OKRA is holding a tournament of sorts.

When you drink or dine at OKRA throughout December, you'll be given a bracket -- think March Madness, only for a good cause.

Each week, patrons will vote for their favorite charities out of the 33 on the list, eventually winnowing it down to just one, and those two will receive all the proceeds from the month.

Last week was the first opportunity to vote, and voting for the first round closed Sunday, so the bracket now contains 16 charities.

Though OKRA is trying to tone down the presence of the charities vying for votes in the bar (it's gotten a little crazy in the past, Martinez says), most of the organizations in the running are staging social media campaigns. Look into any of the charities on the list above to find out more about why you should vote for them and what they would do with the money if they won.

To get in on the action, stop by OKRA soon and buy something -- anything -- to help out a worthy charity by placing your vote(s).

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.