Cheeto Sunday Funday

A good friend of mine and I created a tradition sometime ago that we call Cheeto Sunday. It's a simple premise: You eat Cheetos on Sunday. It's a fun tradition that we have enjoyed for some time now. Lately, though, I have noticed Cheetos appearing in restaurant food items, which has kicked up Cheeto Sunday a notch or two, thus creating the new and improved version: Cheeto Sunday Funday.

First was the Cheetah Roll at Crave Sushi. A mix of Surimi crab, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, Sriracha, spicy mayo and Flamin' Hot Cheetos with an exterior crunch of crushed Flamin' Hot Cheetos, wasabi cream and jalapeños, the Cheetah Roll is as strange as it is tasty. As it used to be half price on Sunday for all-night happy hour, Cheeto Sunday was frequently held at Crave.

Next came the Hubcap Grill's take on the Cheeto. I happened in one day, prepared to order an ordinary cheeseburger, when lo and behold, there was a special Cheeto burger on the menu that day. Hubcap's already amazing burger patty was smothered with nacho cheese and lovingly strewn with crunchy Cheetos and sliced jalapenos. The result was a miraculous burger that made me feel like a kid again.

So cheers to Cheeto Sunday Funday and its many incarnations! Please share with me your unusual food traditions and help me be on the lookout for more Cheeto-inspired dishes.

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Geri Maria Harris