Chef Chat: Dax McAnear, a Fond Farewell

Yesterday we interviewed Dax McAnear, local chef ready to make his mark on San Francisco. Today we talk Houston with him.

Eating Our Words: What has been your involvement with Yelapa Mexicana?

Dax McAnear: I have only been there a few weeks, and this month will be my last. I have basically been filling in gaps for LJ, the chef. I work the line here and there, break down fish when needed, and send some advice the way of the sous chefs here. If you want to come in and say hi before I head out to San Francisco, the sooner the better.

EOW: Do you think you may end up in Houston again?

DM: I will never say never. I don't plan on not coming back, if that makes sense. I think Houston is a great place to raise a family and has huge potential in the next five years to make a big culinary impact nationally. We have friends and family here as well that we will miss.

EOW: What inspires you when you cook?

DM: I have been inspired most by simplicity, just the purity of each flavor and product. I have even gotten to the point where I do not use chicken stock, because I want the natural element of whatever I am cooking to come through. I really want the food to taste how it is supposed to taste.

EOW: Before you leave, what restaurants will you be visiting here in Houston?

DM: Benjy's for brunch on Sunday, definitely going to hit up Beaver's again, and Dolce Vita as well. We want to go to Feast and Indika if we have time.

Check back tomorrow as we try one of Dax McAnear's culinary creations.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.