Chef Chat, Part 1: Adam Puskorius of Polo's

Polo's New American has a young executive chef with some great Houston roots. We dropped by one afternoon to pay him a visit and see what Polo's is all about.

Eating Our Words: How did your culinary tales begin?

Adam Puskorius: Before becoming executive chef of Polo's, I was a sous chef at Mark's American Cuisine on Westheimer. I worked under Emmett Fox of Asti, and he really encouraged me to head to culinary school and make a life of it. While I was taking classes he saw my passion and promoted me to sous of his kitchen. Mark hired me from there, and the rest is history.

EOW: How did you and Polo become associated?

AP: A buddy of mine through Mark's knew Polo. He came in a few time to Mark's and ended up offering me the position after one of his meals.

EOW: On your day off, any restaurants you frequent?

AP: Kata Robata is amazing, even the rolls are great. Call it a guilty pleasure, but El Tiempo fajitas are on my list as well. Da Marco and Dolce Vita are always a good option.

Check Eating Our Words tomorrow for the remainder of the interview, including tips on what to order at Polo's.

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