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Chef Chat, Part 2: Dwight Stewart of the Men's Club

When I walked into The Men's Club to interview Chef Dwight Stewart and find out the inside story on a chef at a titty bar, I was surprised to find the nicest chef in the world, who is just like any other hardworking chef. He preps, works the line, crunches numbers and stays out of trouble. We continued our interview poolside, where Chef Dwight plans to have crawfish boils and live bands this summer.

EOW: So are there going to be dancers in bikinis by the pool for the crawfish boils?

CDS: Yeah, there will be a few.

EOW: What style of cooking do you use in the kitchen?

CDS: I like Creole type, but here it's all about steak. We have bone-in rib-eyes and strips; the beef tenderloin is very popular. They like a lot of meat around here. We do steak and shrimp and wings on Fridays.

EOW: Do you hang out with any other chefs?

CDS:I hang out with Trevor over at Benjy's on Washington. We used work together.

EOW: Where do you like to eat when you're not at work?

CDS: Benjy's, and I like Jamaican food. Caribbean Cuisine on Bissonnet and Jamaican jerk. I grew up eating that stuff. My mom's a really good cook.

EOW: If you could fight any celebrity chef, who would it be?

CDS: Gordon Ramsey! If that guy started yelling at me...I don't like getting yelled at. If I have a problem with one of my guys, I take them aside and talk it out.

As we were chatting, a cocktail waitress came out the pool to smoke a cigarette, and I recognized her -- we used to date. Chef Dwight went inside to check on some VIP steaks, and I asked her for the lowdown on what this chef is really like. Check back tomorrow.

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Jason Kerr