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Chef Chat, Part 2: Glen Trumble of Heights West

Yesterday, we caught up with Chef Glen Trumble of Heights West. We talked about life at Heights West and the restaurant industry in general. Today, we take a look at some of the fantastic dishes he's serving up.

EOW: What seems to be the top dish on the menu thus far (favorite of customers)?

GT: That's a tough one, because it fluctuates. I have had an overwhelming amount of people to tell me it's the best steak they ever ate.

EOW: Is there a dish that is any more difficult to prepare for you than the rest?

GT: I don't think it would be me you should ask. It's should be one of them (points to the crew)...It depends on your level of technique. Some people would think it's the rabbit, but it's not...It's a lot of steps, that's all.

EOW: Any new menu items in the works?

GT: Oh yeah, hundreds, thousands.

EOW: Any that we can expect in the near future?

GT: It's market. It's what I can find at the right price. But we do roast German-style ribs on Thursdays. It's a big kick. It's $8.95, you get a nice St. Louis rack, with no barbeque sauce, served with sauerkraut and apple sauce.

EOW: I've noticed you enjoy coming out of the kitchen and speaking with the diners. Why is this important to you?

GT: Because you get to know them...We've got blue collar, baby. These guys are the salt of the earth...It's a progression, try to get them to try newer food, nice little level of French cuisine that's not too bizarre, not trying to be fancy.

EOW: Do you feel Heights West is flying under the radar a bit?

GT: I hope so.

Check back in tomorrow, as we sample some of Chef Glen Trumble's dishes.

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