Chef Chat, Part 2: Heather Vaughan of Chef Heather's Personal Chef Services

Yesterday we sat down with private chef Heather Vaughan. Today we continue the conversation.

Eating Our Words: Since you spend so much time cooking, do you prefer cooking for yourself when you get hungry or do you like going out to eat?

Heather Vaughan: I still enjoy cooking. I find myself getting easily disappointed by going out, but I love checking out the restaurant scene. I stay current on what's going on in the world food-wise.

EOW: Tell us your favorite restaurant right now and what you would get there.

HV: I had the most amazing meal a few weeks back at a restaurant called August in New Orleans. I had the black truffled gnocchi, poached speckled trout, and crab salad. It was divine.

EOW: It's 3 a.m., you're hungry. Cook or go out?

HV: I would down to my kitchen and make a poached egg, bacon, and tomato sandwich on good bread that had been fried in bacon fat.

EOW: Okay, we'll be stopping by tomorrow at 3, so have that ready for us. Why did you decide to go the private chef route?

HV: I love to cook, and I believe that the highest-quality meals can be accessible to everyone. People do not have to settle for simplistic 30-minute meals.

EOW: Ouch! Someone's not a Rachael Ray fan. So tell us about your clientele.

HV: I think there are a wide variety of clients that would benefit from my services, but I think that professional families stressed for time appreciate it most. I help host dinner parties for up to 50 people, and I also make simple meals, like preparing hamburgers and baked potato bars for people who want to grill but don't have the time to prep.

EOW: So how would someone find you?

HV: I recently revamped my website to include all the information you should need, including pricing, services and sample menus. But those are just sample menus - I'm happy to create a meal specifically tailored to fit your palate. The website is


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