Chef Chat, Part 2: Jerry Jan of RA Sushi in City Centre

Yesterday, we caught up with RA Sushi's Jerry Jan about all things sushi. Today, we focus on his kitchen and life at RA Sushi (CityCentre).

EOW: How long has this RA Sushi (at CityCentre) been open?

JJ: This one opened in July 2009.

EOW: Can you tell me a little about this beautiful patio?

JJ: It's a very relaxed place. The vibe is so nice, especially during good weather. People just sit out, and that's their whole night. Everyone loves it.

EOW: Could you highlight some of your menu items for the readers?

JJ: Our most popular item is the Viva Las Vegas Roll. We range from a wide variety of things for the beginner to most advanced sushi eater.

EOW: Any food or drink specials?

JJ: During happy hour, there are a lot of cheaper-priced items. We change our menu seasonally to incorporate new items and trends. We use a lot of fruits, such as mangoes, along with salsas and ceviche.

EOW: Any item we can look forward to seeing on the menu in the near future?

JJ: Being that we're corporate, all our specialty items come through the corporate chef and then have to run through all the stores. But if you come in and want something in particular, we always accommodate that.

EOW: How many sakes do you offer?

JJ: Man, we offer a wide variety of sakes.

EOW: Could you recommend a sake pairing with that Viva Las Vegas Roll you just mentioned?

JJ: I would go with the Kizakure Pure Sake. It's in-between, somewhat sweet and dry. It's a cool sake to wash down the spicy flavors of the Viva Las Vegas Roll.

Check back tomorrow, as we sample the Viva Las Vegas, along with some other menu items at RA Sushi.

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