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Chef Chat, Part 2: Kristen Powell of Simone on Sunset

Yesterday, we caught of up with Kristen Powell, the chef/owner of Simone on Sunset. We discussed her new place and the difficulties of starting a business. Today, we'll focus on the food and wine.

EOW: This is a wine place -- are you good at pairing wines with foods?

KP: I'd like to think I am. I like to have fun with it...For the most part, I think I can find some pretty fun stuff, that's out of the ordinary. EOW: What seems to be your most popular menu items?

KP: The Parmesan Truffle Popcorn is probably, out of all the appetizers, the best one. Out of the entrees, I would have to say the Capri Pizza or the Margherita. I'm a big fan of basil, and I just love to pile it on there, and the smell of basil just engulfs this place.

EOW: What food specials do you offer?

KP: Monday night is Burger Night. We do a half-pound burger stuffed with the cheese to order, or you can get a turkey or boca burger. Then Thursday nights, we have Steak Night. It's a seven-ounce filet, bacon-wrapped, with two sides--one starch and one vegetable.

EOW: I come in here, and can order only one thing...what do I get?

KP: I hate this question. If it was on a Monday night, I'd have to say a burger. They're killer, they're huge. I have to stick a spear in it to keep the whole thing together. The duck pizza probably speaks for itself. It's distinctive and it pairs really well with wine or vodka.

EOW: What wine should I pair with that duck pizza?

KP: We have a fantastic Petite Sirah.

EOW: Any plans on expanding the menu?

KP: I think changing it up is an option. I really don't want to be too large. Adding a few things would really be nice. I love having a few little bites with everything. I do want to keep it pretty basic.

EOW: I see a grill out front, are you good with it?

KP: The best ever (smiles).

EOW: What do you do to relax?

KP: I love watching movies. I go to Blockbuster and get five movies and just sit there.

EOW: What's one food you absolutely hate?

KP: Curry.

EOW: When was the last time you took a nap?

KP: A year ago, the calm before the storm?

Check back tomorrow, as we sample some of Chef Powell's culinary delights.

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