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Chef Chat, Part 2: Marc Borel

Yesterday we chatted with wine badass Marc Borel about his favorite wine and the biggest challenges facing the Houston wine community. Today we ask him a few more questions.

Eating Our Words: Is there an opportunity for your customers to get great wines at affordable prices in convenient locations?

Marc Borel: Our list may be daunting and very unique at 13 Celsius. That said, my advice is drink what you like. Spec's, World Market, hell, even the grocery store. As long as you love what you are drinking, my job is done. Explore and enjoy. I do suggest trying different bottles each time you buy.

EOW: What is the best thing about living in Houston as a wine fanatic?

MB: All the variety of restaurants and places to go. There is so much culinary talent in this town, and wine selections to complement each. To go and enjoy each culinary talent with the perfect bottle of wine is my perfect day.

EOW: What is your favorite day at 13 Celsius?

MB: Tuesday I began doing a cupcake and wine pairing, featuring Jodycakes's (@jodycakes) cupcakes with a wine to complement each. We usually have two different wines and cupcakes to choose from, and it is always a deal for the price -- around $10 bucks. Just to note, I usually do not pair cupcakes with dessert wines. People would expect that, and it feels a little much. I think desserts don't always have to be paired with sweeter wines.

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