Chef Chat

Chef Chat, Part 2: Morgan Weber

Yesterday we talked to Morgan Weber about the launch of his Revival Meats company. Today we find out where in town he likes to eat cured meats.

Eating Our Words: You talked about how charcuterie is a good way to taste the nuances in pork. Where are good examples of charcuterie available in town?

Morgan Weber: The Grove, Stella Sola, and Catalan have great charcuterie. A good way to start with cured meats is at Central Market as well. They have a great selection of cured meats from artisans all over America, and can be bought a few slices at a time. I can personally account for the quality of the restaurants I mentioned because the chefs and I took an Austrian butchering class together in NYC a few weeks ago.

EOW: That sounds interesting. Any tidbits of knowledge to impart our readers from the class?

MW: Well the gist of the class was to encourage and train the chefs to utilize every single piece of the Magalitsa pig, and I believe that this train of thought is good day today. We learned to use almost every piece, nose to tail, and it really reminded me of how American Indians made it a point to use every piece of the buffalo in respect of the animal.

EOW: What is a good first dish to try at home for pig?

MW: Brined, roasted rib loin. An instant classic.

EOW: When will the public be able to experience Revival Meats?

MW: Restaurants will be carrying our meat starting the middle of February. Our online store will be, well, online beginning in March. Until then, please feel free to keep in touch on Twitter. Our online handle is @revivalmeats.

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