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Chef Chat, Part 2: Octavio Madrigal of Theo's Restaurant

Yesterday, we caught up with Theo's owner Ted Mousoudakis and chef Octavio Madrigal about Theo's many iterations. One thing has remained the same: the food.

Eating Our Words: What's your favorite dish to cook here?

Octavio Madrigal: I would say the gyro.

EOW: Is that your most popular thing here?

OM: Yes. That's the most popular thing in the restaurant.

EOW: What's your favorite thing to eat?

OM: Well, I like lamb a lot. That's one of my dishes I used to eat. Whenever I'd go out, that's what I'd ask for. Either that or something like rib eye. I like meat. But I don't eat much of that anymore because I'm trying to watch my weight.

EOW: Is there anything particularly challenging about making Greek food?

OM: Hmm...I guess the dolmades (ground beef and rice wrapped in grape leaves.)

Ted Mousoudakis: The lamb kebabs and lamb chops and lamb shanks are popular. Lamb is the popular Greek meat. It's a staple. The Greek meat is lamb, like it's beef here.

EOW: Why is it open all the time?

TM: Why?

OM: It's making money.

TM: It just started that way years ago. The Montrose area kind of promoted that. It's almost like it never closes, and why not? We do most of our business in the middle of the night. The bars, any kind of event, any kind of party, any kind of holiday, we're packed.

At a table of four, one person can eat breakfast, one can have pizza, the other can have Greek food, the other can have a salad. You can have a variety 24-hours a day, which is like no other place.

EOW: To both of you, what's your favorite part of Greek food?

TM: It's healthy.

OM: Healthy and good.

TM: It's just good. What can I say? I'm Greek and I was raised in it my whole life. How can I say what's my favorite...the combination platter! A little bit of everything.

Tomorrow, join us for some authentic Greek cuisine. The harder it is to pronounce, the more delicious it's bound to be.

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