Chef Chat Part 2: Roth Ouch, Donut Jedi

We talked yesterday with Roth Ouch, baker and all around donut jedi, about his shop, Donald's Donuts on El Dorado. Today we follow up with him about his future donut empire.

Eating Our Words: There is a lot of activity going on back there in the kitchen! What are some of the procedures customers may not be aware of?

Roth Ouch: Well, we hand roll every kolache, and hand cut every single donut, and that really sets us apart form the big corporate franchises, I think. Twisting each cinnamon twist, rolling each cinnamon roll, you get the idea. If I don't multitask back there and make sure everything is just right and on time, things can get out of hand really quick.

EOW: So what things can go wrong if you aren't on top of your game?

RO: I have to keep an eye on all sorts of things when making breakfast for hundreds of people. Temperature, time, weather, humidity, it all needs to be watched, and they are all equally important. Mixing the dough just right is an art all in itself. I really feel our dough is the most cared for in Houston, and sets us apart from our competition. If I don't pay attention to all these things in the kitchen, all hell breaks loose.

EOW: After seeing your products, we feel hard-pressed to get why someone went anywhere else for breakfast. What is response from customers first thing in the morning?

RO: I tell you what, there is no better hangover cure than a hot kolache. Our customers really appreciate the hours and care that making breakfast entails. Seeing happy customers waking up to our product - well, that is what makes this business so rewarding.

Check back tomorrow as we dive in to a big breakfast at Donald's Donuts.

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