Chef Chat, Part 2: Susan Molzan and Liz Walsh of Petite Sweets

Today, we continue our chat with Susan Molzan and Liz Walsh, the sugar queen chefs behind Petite Sweets.

EOW: So, is it better to bake or be baked for?

LW: I think it's better when you bake it yourself and then eat it! I think you always get more enjoyment out of something you make yourself. But for us, to see people come in and really enjoy it makes it more fun to do the baking than to be baked for.

SM: This is really different from a restaurant. I don't know why it is, but everybody who comes in here is -- they get excited.

LW: People are always happy. You're always excited to eat sweets.

SM: It's just so nice, and there's not all that complication that you have in a restaurant. Everything's made, so if you're out of something you're just out. There's no pressure. Well, not as much pressure. We do have a 900-person order due tomorrow that's putting a little pressure on us.

EOW: When did you start baking?

SM: Oh, always. My mother was a big baker and cook. I grew up in a small town; we didn't have any fast food. There was like nothing. She was always a gourmet cook, and we made everything from scratch. We never had a boxed cake mix or store-bought cookies. That's just how I grew up, so I sort of continued that with my family and my kids.

EOW: That's amazing. And Liz, how did you decide to quit your job and pursue your passion?

LW: Well, I'm from Texas originally and moved back from New York. I was working from home for the company in New York. I was kind of bored working from home and I didn't really see it as a career, just a job. It wasn't something I was that enthusiastic about. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to take a shot at doing something I really was enthusiastic about.

It all just fell into place. I had just told my friends that I wanted to try to get a job in a bakery. I kind of looked around at a couple places and sent applications. Then I randomly called Susan and left her a voicemail...I was like, this lady's never going to call me back, but she did. It's been a lot more fun than selling advertising.

SM: A lot more work, but a lot more fun.

Join us tomorrow to sample a plateful of tummy-pleasing, cavity-inducing treats.

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