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Chef Chat, Part 3: Carlos Rodriguez of Vic & Anthony's

Our interview with Carlos Rodriguez of Vic & Anthony's revealed how much work has gone into the restaurant's menu. Rodriguez spent seven months in the test kitchen developing menu items, and a panel of testers including Tilman Fertitta tested each dish. Some recipes we see today on the menu went through multiple tweakings until they were just right. The crab cakes alone went through 37 recipes, and even the creamed spinach had 17 remakes until it was just right.

This attention to detail does not end at the food. The building is filled with interesting accents, it's a must to get a tour of the facility if you have the time. A giant chandelier was installed using a construction crane. Stained glass windows were procured from specialists in west Texas.

Rodriguez lives and breathes Vic &Anthony's. He mentioned the nerve-wracking days leading up to the opening on April 23, 2003, and recalled one of his craziest nights at the restaurant, which ended in a Super Bowl-inspired bar brawl on top of a full house. Luckily, there were 13 police officers on duty, and the situation was handled quickly.

While we were there we had the opportunity to try the crab cake, and boy was it outstanding. Rodriguez mentioned that creating his crab cake, he wanted to remove as many ingredients as possible while still maintaining its form. We have never had a crab cake as amazing and are still drooling thinking about another one. We also sampled a southwest quail dish that had us rethinking the menu at Vic & Anthony's. To see more pictures of our interview and walkthrough of Vic & Anthony's, click here.

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