Chef Chat, Part 3: Federico Cavatore and Chef Raul Garcia of Cavatore's

This week we have been chatting with Federico Cavatore and Chef Raul Garcia of Cavatore's about Sofia Loren and lasagna. Today we finish the conversation and try Cavatore's famous Caesar salad.

EOW: What can we find here, that we can't find at other Italian restaurants?

Raul Garcia: Besides a nightly piano player? (he laughs) One, the focus is our Caesar salad. You can order it at another restaurant, but you don't know how long it's been made. Each one here is tableside and produced in front of you. So they're very fresh. That's something you won't receive at other restaurants. We have people working here that only do the Caesar salads and they take time making them. Eating out at restaurants is an event, it's a special occasion, so we try to pass it on...

I got to watch Omar Martinez construct my Caesar. He adds all the ingredients like second nature, which it is, he's been with Cavatore's since 1998. The components are fairly simple: romaine lettuce, garlic, chopped anchovies, dijon mustard, olive oil, grated parmesan cheese, black pepper and Worcestershire sauce... One of these also contains a mystery ingredient that kept me stumped and wanting more. The garlic will get you, so make sure to take a breath mint on your way out.

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