Chef Chat

Chef Chat, Part 3: Jin Ham

We recently interviewed Jin Ham, owner of Shrimp Galley. His small seafood house is very clean. When an establishment takes that much care, we generally trust them a little more with our food. And when we first saw the Shrimp Galley's hand-painted menu, we really could not believe our eyes. The place has seafood combos laden with options and choices all significantly under ten bucks.

We tried Ham's catfish, Alaskan pollock, shrimp, stuffed crab, oysters and onion rings. We loved his handmade corn meal batter and couldn't believe the clean and crisp hand-cut onion rings. Nothing was too greasy, which is surprising for a quick-service seafood spot.

The oysters were a huge surprise. Ham decided that his oysters had to be the best fried oysters in town. Instead of breading and frying each oyster individually, he stuffs two oysters together, then breads and fries them. This makes large, plump, juicy and full-of-flavor oysters. What's on the menu as two oysters is really four!

And it doesn't stop with the oysters. Every item on Shrimp Galley's menu seems to be thoughtful. The shrimp are butterflied just right, perfect for dipping in Shrimp Galley's house-made tartar or red sauce. The stuffing, onion rings and stuffed jalapeños are made fresh too. Shrimp Galley beams with the same honest character as its chef. We won't pass this little quick service seafood spot on Park Place and Telephone Rd. again.

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