Chef Chat

Chef Chat, Part 3: Rebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar

Today closes out our discussion with pastry chef Rebecca Masson; for previous installments, click here and here. I had a chance to taste-test her signature petite treat: Fluffernutters and could taste the natural flavors in the peanut-butter oatmeal cookies because they weren't loaded with sugar, which balanced out the sweetness in filling. They were just the right size to provide satisfaction while keeping my guilt and gut in check. Because we don't see them very often here in Houston, here's some triva for fellow Fluffernutter novices:

1. The original Fluffernutters, extremely popular in New England, are sandwiches simply made with white bread, Fluff marshmallow cream and peanut butter.

2. Variations include the addition of chocolate chips, bananas, Nutella, graham crackers or anything that you'd like with peanut butter. Masson uses oatmeal-peanut butter cookies instead of white bread, with a Fluff-peanut butter cream filling, in her Fluffernutters.

3. It has been proposed to the State of Massachusetts that the Flutternutter serve as its official "State Sandwich."

4. October 8th is National Fluffernutter Day.

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Nancy Kerschen