Chef Chat, Part 3: Shuna Fish Lydon

On our recent visit to New York City, we got to interview 10 Downing's Shuna Fish Lydon - twice. After that, we felt it mandatory to at least try her desserts at 10 Downing (Downing & 6th) before heading back home to Houston.

10 Downing was less expensive than we were expecting. Treating every customer the same seemed to come naturally for the waiters here. Lydon's perfection of her craft showed on her recent menu. The two desserts we ordered - a butterscotch pot du crème and her signature hot chocolate pot - were approachable without being immensely sugary. These thoughtful dishes seemed to reflect New York City life. Warmer chocolate tones were comforting after the cold winds. Creamy, smooth butterscotch seemed to wisp away any stress customers might have felt.

When in NYC, 10 Downing is a must-visit.


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