Chef Chat Part II: Andrew Klarman of Jeannine's Bistro

Yesterday, we talked to Chef Andrew Klarman about Jeannine's Bistro and his culinary inspiration. Klarman and his sister, Jeannine, must have hit on a winner with Belgian food in Houston since our readers couldn't stop raving out it.

Eating Our Words: The pictures on your website of your menu items look delicious. It would be hard to pick one. Do you have a favorite item on the menu?

Andrew Klarman: If I said I had one, I'd be lying. It's all good.

EOW: Now that we know you love the food at your restaurant, where do you eat when you aren't here?

Klarman: Both my mother and my sister cook very well. When I'm not in the restaurant, I prefer to eat at either of their homes.

EOW: Culinary talent must run in the family. If you weren't a chef, what career path would you have pursued?

Klarman: I don't know what I would have done other than being a chef. I never really thought about venturing off into anything else.

EOW: What are you plans for the future of the restaurant?

Klarman: My plan for the future of the restaurant is to continue serving consistently great food. Hopefully, with that will come great success.

Check back tomorrow as we explore Belgian cuisine.


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