Chef Chat: Roth Ouch, Donut Jedi

Roth Ouch, owner and head baker of Donald's Donuts (435 El Dorado Blvd.), has continued the trade his mother and father began 16 years ago. We visited his kid-friendly bakery and talked about what it takes to be a donut jedi.

Eating Our Words: How did your family get involved in the donut business?

Roth Ouch: A relative of ours found success in donuts, and my mom and dad were working small jobs in Atlanta to get by. On their recommendation we sold our house in Georgia and purchased this very shop you are in now. They took a chance owning their own business, and we are still here.

EOW: What are some of the challenges facing a baker in the donut industry?

RO: Competition is always a challenge, but luckily we have very loyal customers who have been great customers for years now. Kolache Factory, Krispy Kreme, and a few other places have tried to open around us, and all have closed. Waking up early is really a challenge. I wake up between 2:30 and 3:30 every day, and that is a huge struggle. It can really affect your family life, and it is really hard to be social when you get to bed so early.

EOW: You definitely have a great variety here, what other options do customers have, besides donuts?

RO: Thanks! Our croissants and meat-based kolaches are great options that we are famous for. They are absolutely a must-try, and I can personally guarantee they are the best in Houston. Our croissants are baked fresh in store and prepared by a French baker who delivers the dough to us. Our kolaches have been a staple in the community for years. We hand-chop the apple fritters and everything is made fresh, the entire business day.

Check back tomorrow as Roth talks about the challenges of working in a kitchen at 3 a.m.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.