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Chef Matt Lovelace Will Be Chef de Cuisine at Pour Society

Chefs Greg Lowry and Matt Lovelace are putting the team together once again. Lovelace will be the chef de cuisine at Ogden Hospitality's forthcoming gastropub Pour Society at Gateway Memorial City. That's the same complex where restaurants KUU, Vallone's and Churrascos are located.

The two chefs have a long history together. They met when Lowry was brought in to replace outgoing chef Ryan Hildebrand at The Rockwood Room. The ill-fated endeavor closed in June 2010.

Lovelace went with Ryan Hildebrand to Triniti, and they soon brought Lowry in as well. It was a congenial arrangement made in the best way -- over beer and roasted oysters in San Leon. "I got hired at Triniti over a game of pool, and that was pretty much thanks to Matt," said Lowry nostalgically.

After about 18 months, Lovelace took the sous chef position at short-lived Osteria Mazzantini. When chef Paul Lewis left to open Paul's Kitchen, Lovelace went with him. While Lovelace has appreciated his time working under Lewis, he says the new situation is a better fit for him.

"It's where I want to be with my cooking style," Lovelace explained. "Pour Society is going to be heavily Southern, which is what I love to do and what I've eaten my whole live. I'm from Texas -- born and raised. I love the soulfulness of Southern food and the stories it tells."

Lowry will continue providing the main oversight for Bradley's Fine Diner and Funky Chicken.

Pour Society is currently expected to open sometime in May.

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