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Chef Randy Evans: Sheet Rocking Haven

Houston superchef Randy Evans was standing outside Haven, his exciting new farm-to-table restaurant on Algerian Way near Richmond and Kirby, when I drove by yesterday. The press release I got about the place read: "Looks like an early October opening." I was hoping for lunch, but Randy didn't have his whites on. And I couldn't get anywhere near the restaurant's front door because the site is surrounded by a chain link fence.

Haven is being built by Collaborative Projects, a Houston firm that specializes in "green architecture." The firm is using environmentally conscious construction materials and techniques. The kitchen will incorporate a lot of new ideas in locavore dining, like filtering and carbonating water on-site to reduce the carbon footprint. Evans and his kitchen staff will maintain gardens on the premises and are committed to developing relationships with area farmers.

"When are you going to open?" I shouted to Evans from the parking lot across the street while I took his photo. He was talking on his cell phone and he evidently wasn't in the mood for chit-chat with the paparazzi. He just glowered at me and walked away. It looked like the sheet-rocking crew was making pretty good progress.

If I had to guess, I'd say Thanksgiving.

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