Chefing Shows Come to Texas

The big food TV news from over the weekend came from San Antonio (of all places), where it was revealed that Top Chef is currently filming. The news broke when a local blogger spotted Gail Simmons and Tom Colicchio in a San Antonio bar, then promptly got into a fight with their Bravo handlers when she excitedly Tweeted about the celebrity sighting.

As generally tends to happen with tales of "little" people versus "mean" celebrities, the post from blogger SymiGoddess went viral across the Internet, and the cat was out of the bag regarding Top Chef's next filming locations.

But this morning, Eater amassed several bits of intel showing that San Antonio wasn't Top Chef's only filming location in Texas. Dallas and Austin are also supposedly on the radar, with "cheftestants" (side note: I'll be off taking a shower after forcing myself to type that word out) including Paul Qui of Austin's Uchiko.

As you would imagine, Houston has not been mentioned for inclusion in what people are now calling "Top Chef Texas." This is great news for me, as I once had a very tense exchange with Tom Colicchio after insulting his restaurant on Twitter and would now be ashamed to look at him in the face, but probably bad news for the rest of you.

However, a cooking show of a different color is headed to town soon.

A crew call went out last week for a new show filming in Houston and (once again, of all places) Deer Park called Deliciously Entertaining.

In syndication through TiVo, Deliciously Entertaining will be filming 13 HD episodes for six weeks starting on September 17, and the crew call listed eight different available positions including DP/Camera Operator, 2nd Camera Operator (B Camera) and Gaffer. While I don't really know what any of the other positions mean, you can find out more about them (and the show) at its website or by emailing producer Vonnie Maddox.

And, no, "host" was not one of the available positions for the show.

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