Chicken BLT at Natachee's Supper 'n' Punch

Katharine Shilcutt was right: Natachee's is getting better and better. I was initially iffy about going back in light of my mediocre burger experience but returned several times after reading her cafe review.

I tried some dishes I had before and found them much improved. I also sampled some entrees for the first time and discovered a new favorite: the Fried Chicken BLT.

Served on two pieces of toasted white bread, the Chicken BLT (or CBLT) is flavorful, filling, and amazingly unsalty. I usually ask for bacon to be removed from my sandwiches due to its propensity to infuse every bit with excessive sodium; however, here it added only added a welcome smokiness. The thick pieces of lightly fried chicken were pure white meat, tender and juicy, and the lettuce and tomato, fresh and crispy. A slathering of chipotle mayonnaise and a hefty slice of Monterrey jack cheese gave the sandwich a nice kick.

The CBLT comes with a choice of potato chips or fries, but I subbed in macaroni and cheese for no charge. As others have observed, Natachee's mac and cheese still needs some work: It can't hold a candle to the M&C at Beaver's or BRC Gastropub in terms of rich (real) cheese flavor and creamy sauce. Nevertheless, I sort of appreciate its slightly gummy, fluorescent-orange quality reminiscent of Kraft. It seems fitting somehow for the price ($1.99) and the setting: plastic diner booths.

Server Danni introduced herself right away and insisted we do the same, so that we were all on a first-name basis throughout the meal. I appreciate the friendly sentiment and the practicality of knowing her name, though there was no way in hell I would be beckoning her from afar ("Danni, could you get me some ketchup, please?"). There are limits even to my brattiness.

But anyway I never had cause to shout, because Danni was amazingly attentive and the food was terrific overall. Good job, Natachee's.

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Joanna O'Leary