Chicken Pot Pies at Classic Bakery

In a nondescript storefront named simply "Classic Bakery" next to Wel-Farm on Highway 6 sits an unassuming Chinese bakery that serves some of the most delicious chicken pot pies I've ever tasted.

The outside pastry is sweet and tender with a paper-thin shell of crispy crust over the top. The inside is a warm, gooey and packed with marinating peas, carrots, onions, mushrooms and chicken -there's no creamy Campbell's soup imitation nightmare here, just a hint of broth.

Classic Bakery is cash-only, but buying the remaining ten pot pies in stock cost us about $16. Our dinner of three bite-size pies was downright economical. The inevitable drive from the Galleria area back to Sugar Land for more, less so.

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