Chinese BBQ at the 99 Market Food Court

You can't miss the food court at the new 99 Market Asian Supermarket at Blalock and I-10. It's right inside the front door. And the sushi chefs are out on display -- you gotta love the combination of white paper face masks and old-fashioned French toques. The buffet line looks alluring, with a plate lunch selling for $5.99. There are all kinds of good-looking buns and well-dimpled dumplings.

But the thing that really caught my eye was the Chinese barbecue case. There were plenty of whole roast ducks for sale. I used one of these to make duck-hoisin tamales one Christmas. They were awesome. There were also a lot of big barbecued squid in the case. I can't say I have had those before. The roast pork looked fabulous, and there was a pig's head and four pig's feet sitting underneath the crispy-cooked hog.

Ever since the Chinese BBQ restaurant a few doors down from the supermarket in Hong Kong City Mall went out of business, we haven't really had a great place to get whole ducks and roast pork to go. And the meat hanging in this case looked so good, I felt compelled to buy half a pound of roast pork to take home. When I asked for some barbecue sauce, the guy behind the counter said, "How about ginger sauce?"

The pork was succulent; the spicy crust broke in big pieces like garlicky pork brittle. And the ginger, garlic and green onion sauce was so good, I am trying to steal the idea for a ginger salsa recipe. The pork was $6 a pound. Honey roast spare ribs are the same price. Get some soon.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.