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City Hall Farmers Market to Relocate in May

The City Hall Farmers Market must relocate during the first week of May, a change forced by a plumbing project to be carried out on the Reflection Pond at City Hall. The construction is set to begin on May 1, so the market will be heading down the street and around the corner to the front of the Julia Ideson Building of the Houston Public Library at 550 McKinney Street. The market will extend into the Houston Public Library's plaza.

Don't freak out when you head to City Hall for lunch on Wednesday, May 7, and don't see any food trucks or vendors. The market isn't gone, it has simply moved. Tyler Horne, market manager at Urban Harvest, says there won't be much change to the market, just the layout and location.

"We will be just one block over, and it's going to be a logistical hassle," Horne says. "But I think, overall, when I was looking at it, we are going to have the Eatsie Boys be that anchor food truck right there on the corner of Smith and McKinney, so ... at least, they won't completely miss the fact that there are still food trucks and all that kind of stuff."

Moving locations mid-season might seem like a difficult task for the market, and a slight annoyance for those organizing the weekly event, but the change could be a good thing for the overall layout.

"What's going to be kind of cool is that we are going to have more seating now," Horne says. "We have more space for that, so we are looking at some options now to see what we can come up with to get people more places to sit."

So, for those of you who come to the market during your lunch break in a suit, dress or skirt and don't have anywhere to sit but on the ground, you'll have the chance to keep your work attire clean while comfortably enjoying your meal from your favorite food truck or vendor. You'll still be able to eat crepes from Melange Creperie, stomach-filling bites from Eatsie Boys, Brazilian BBQ from Churrasco To Go and meat pies from Blackbird Foods.

Urban Harvest will have a Cajun theme for the kickoff of the new location. Horne says The Zydeco Dots will provide the tunes for the afternoon and chef Ara Malekian of ARACAN, The Roaming Kitchen, will supply crawfish samples.

"The season closes June 19, and then it will have to reopen," Horne says. "This is what is making it so crazy is that the construction is so involved, it's going to take the better part of six months. We will reopen the following season at the second location, at the library at the Julia Ideson Building."

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