Cloud 9ers

Famous for out-beefing the local competition with their 9-ounce burgers, 9ers is one of those diners that boast a menu of everything under the sun, so long as it's fried. It's not fancy and it's never cool, but if you're going to do something wrong, this is where you go to do it right.

Laced with something more powerful than MSG, the chicken-fried chicken looks like any other but tastes divine - the breading is flavorful and perfectly crisp, and the mashed potatoes and green beans accompanying it are buttery heaven. Don't know what you're hungry for? Just show up and decide later, because other menu items include seafood, fajitas, Philly subs, oversize spuds and even a salad or two.

As our waistlines expand, so does 9ers. Words cannot describe our double-chinned glee upon first witnessing the "Opening Soon" sign swinging over the new Sugar Land location. The space at the corner of the strip center just off the Grand Parkway (5870 New Territory Blvd.) has seen much turnover - from Italian to Mexican and back again, but something tells us this "all of the above" option may stick to the space like their food to your ribs.

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Lauren McKechnie
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