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Coffee & Mini Desserts at Happy Fatz

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Just around the corner from Revival Market on White Oak, you will find an adorable house serving hot dogs, sweets and coffee concoctions. Yes, I am talking about Happy Fatz.

Heights residents and many Houstonians are familiar with this cafe's interesting hot dog creations -- it received the No. 10 spot on our list of best hot dogs in late 2011. Katharine Shilcutt praised Happy Fatz for its all-beef dogs topped with an array of ingredients, such as the Clucker smothered in hash browns, onions, bacon, a fried egg and hot sauce on a challah bun.

During my first visit to Happy Fatz, I fully intended to buy a hot dog, especially because my dining companion and I were starving after driving for three hours with the roof off of my Jeep -- being in the scorching hot sun wiped us out. But, one whiff of the freshly brewed Katz Coffee and a peek at the display case filled with cheesecakes, cupcakes, cakes and cake balls, my cravings switched from savory to sweet. But, that's the beauty of Happy Fatz, you can have something sweet, something savory or both.

You would expect a place like Happy Fatz to offer only large desserts as that would make you fat and happy, but the sweet treats are also available in miniature form. Small desserts don't have as many calories, so you can have more, right? Probably not, but it's my way of justifying my indulgence.

Happy Fatz had two miniature cheesecake options during our visit, as well as two flavors of Rebecca's Truffles (cake balls). The strawberry cheesecake topped with a plump and juicy strawberry resting on a swirl of whipped cream looked more refreshing than the peanut butter cheesecake. We couldn't decide between the two cake ball flavors (chocolate and carrot cake), so we ordered both -- problem solved.

And because the coffee smelled so good at three o'clock in the afternoon, I went the cold coffee route and ordered the Iced Toddy, while my fiancé chose the hot hazelnut latte, which he said was the best flavored latte he has ever had. That means a lot coming from someone who steers clear of sweetened coffee drinks blended with milk as he finds them too sugary (he always sticks to plain black coffee). After just one sip of his creamy and smooth drink with a strong espresso aftertaste, I couldn't help but agree that it was perfectly executed.

However, in the early afternoon when the sun is set directly above my head, all I want is something cold to drink, and my Iced Toddy (fresh-brewed coffee poured over ice) was just what I needed.

We took our treats and coffees outside to sit on the quaint patio. I might have found my new favorite place to relax in the Heights.

Pairing those drinks with our three mini desserts was one of the best decisions we had made all day. The strawberry cheesecake wasn't heavy and dense like most cheesecakes; it almost has the consistency of mousse, as it is light and airy. A forkful of the fruity filling with the soft graham cracker crust was the ultimate bite.

The moist interior of each cake ball was enclosed by a hard white chocolate or chocolate shell. While I am a chocolate fan, the naturally sweet pineapple, carrots, coconut and pecan pieces forming the carrot cake truffle's filling was my favorite.

If you want cake without all the guilt, then opt for these miniature versions; you won't be disappointed.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.