Coffee Bean Review: El Salvador Santa Rita Peaberry

Cuvee Coffee, a local roaster out of Spicewood, Texas, sent us a Salvadoran coffee to try, and it is exemplary. The Santa Rita peaberry coffee was a gift from farmer Jose Antonio Salaverria to Cuvee for years of support on his farm. He went through more than 6,000 pounds of coffee beans and sorted out a single variety known as peaberry for this special pick. Out of 6,000 pounds, he ended up with just less than 400 pounds of the single varietal.

Scoring an ever impressive 91 points from has given this particular coffee national attention. In fact, Coffee Review named this one of its top 50 picks of the year, and the only from Texas. This coffee is processed in the natural method, which means the fruit is left on during the processing and then patio-dried. This allows the fruit-forward nature of the coffee berry to pull through during brewing. With a white grape-like sweetness and berry fruit acidity, this coffee is a good representation of what a naturally processed coffee can be like. It has a thick, syrupy body and a suggestion of honey. This coffee will be available in larger quantities next year after harvest. Keep an eye out.

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