Coffee by the Cup at Bohemeo's: As Fresh As It Gets

While I'm currently hooked on Bohemeo's mochachino -- a frozen concoction of espresso, chocolate, cream and ice that far surpasses a Frappucino in quality and taste -- during the summer months, once the weather starts to cool again, it'll be back to one of the things Bohemeo's does best: coffee.

It is a coffee shop, after all, so one would expect them to do this thing right above all else. The good news is that not only do they brew a wicked cup of coffee, they also make much finer (and healthier) food than normally expected from a coffee shop. And they have all-Beatles open mike nights on Wednesdays. It's a win-win all around.

Just like with the wine and beer selection, Bohemeo's offers a small array of coffees to choose from: a light mezcla blend, a chocolate-tinged Antigua La Flor, organic La Selva from Chiapas and slightly tart Kenyan estate-grown coffee. All cups of coffee are $1.75, but there's also Bo's house blend, available for only $1.50.

But the coffee selection isn't what sets Bohemeo's apart.

It's certainly standard for a shop to make each cup of espresso or cappuccino to order for you, but each cup of standard coffee? Bohemeo's does that too. Just choose your blend, and the barista will set out a brand-new filter filled with freshly-ground beans, pour steaming hot water on top and let the coffee drip into a cup just for you. There's no bitter taste from coffee that's been sitting in a thermos or on a burner all morning, just the blissful aroma of fresh beans and the clean, rich taste of a hot cup of coffee.

I'm so fascinated by this small thing and the clever box they've built to house up to four filters and cups at once, that I'm just as happy watching coffee being made as I am reading a book or surfing Jezebel on my laptop. If any other coffee shops in Houston are doing this, I'm unaware of it (please educate us all in the comments section, if you know of any others!). And it's one of the many things that makes Bohemeo's the special little jewel that it is, tucked away on the East End and as-of-yet unspoiled by too-cool attitudes or overly affected pretensions.

Fingers crossed it stays that way after this week's cafe review.

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