Coffee Review: Fusion Beans's Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa: El Eden

We recently received a package of the latest offering of local roaster, Guatemala Finca Vista Hermosa: El Eden. The farm and farmers of Finca Vista Hermosa are an institution in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Edwin Martinez Senior oversees the farm, Edwin Martinez Jr. oversees the production, and Edwin Martinez III is involved in quality control for exporting into the United States.

The farmers are very proud of what they do and how their coffee is grown. They have "experimental" lots of coffee utilizing new processing and growing techniques, grow other native fruits to minimize damage to the habitat of their growing region, and even have a herd of goats that walk around the farm, eating the lower weeds and fertilizing the landscape naturally. Very, very cool.


One of their lots, El Eden, produces coffee that the Martinez family sends straight to Texas. El Eden's mid-5,000-square-feet elevation and the washed processing of the bean make it sparkle with clean acidity that doesn't kick you in the mouth. In fact, that's what makes this coffee so special. With a profile similar to hot chocolate with notes of lemon peel and a malty mouthfeel, this coffee is unique and subtle. If you haven't tried it, you can order it at

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