Coffee Service at Epicure Café

One of my favorite places to drink coffee is Epicure Cafe on West Gray. You order at the counter and sit down at a table, and the staff brings you your coffee in a little stainless steel pot with a coffee cup and saucer, half and half on the side. I love this. It keeps the coffee hot, and after you finish your first cup, the pot has more for you to enjoy. This is coffee service. The coffee is actually good, too.

Whenever I think about sitting down to a nice breakfast, I think of this place. I have been coming here for years. They don't mind if you sit outside with your dog, and breakfast is served all day. I always order the same thing, the Acapulco omelet, which is a generous omelet with smoked sausage, jalapeno and cheese. There is something about the way the smokiness of the sausage plays on the spicy pepper, and the cheese just melts everything together. It is the perfect breakfast.

Epicure serves all breakfasts with toast and jam, and the toast is perfect -- fresh artisan bread sliced and lightly toasted. Everything is just the way I like it here. They have these amazing-looking pastries, too, but I never have room for anything after the omelet. The people-watching is fun, as the River Oaks soccer moms love this place. Also, if you sat here long enough, you could probably learn five languages.

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