Pot Luck

Coming Soon: Merche

Driving out 290, just past Highway 6, I noticed some new construction at the North Cypress Medical Center. In the middle of it, there was this brightly colored round thing that looked like a giant oven. "I bet that's a giant tandoori," I told my passenger. She thought it was a hospital incinerator. After several near collisions trying to get a better look, I finally pulled off the highway the other day and drove up to see what this thing was. It turned out to be a cleverly designed wood-burning oven set outside the building so that none of the heat entered the interior. The oven was decorated with broken tiles and attached to a restaurant entrance with a sign that said "Merche."

Turns out it's a joint venture between the hospital and La Vista restaurant owner Greg Gordon. The menu is said to be a creative Spanish-Italian fusion with tapas, appetizers and a full lunch and dinner menu. The wine list will be extensive and inexpensive. There will be a chef's table seating a dozen diners on a wrap-around couch and a patio with waterfall. And oh yeah, the restaurant will also feature a giant wood-burning oven.

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Robb Walsh
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