Comment of the Day

Today Christine Ha posted five tips for urban gardening in this SDF:&*(&)#$)(*&$ heat. While Ha's garden for this year is already a goner, commenter Corey is in good shape:

Adding a half cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to your 2 gallons of water will not only kill off any soil born pests and fungicides, it also helps aerate the soil with oxygen. This is very similar to the water mother nature drops on occasion you know that "rain" thing, it's why plants perk up after a good rain shower. Not something you want to do daily, but a couple times a month and your garden will thank you, if you're wary of that try epsom salt for an alternative, peppers and tomatoes love it. My organic garden looks better than the produce you're likely buying at whole foods.

Thanks for the tip, Corey.

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