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Today Nicholas Hall tried St. Arnold's Divine Reserve #11 and loved it, like just about everyone else in Houston. Except, perhaps, commenter Bubbledome:

Much ado about nothing - the later third of this review sounds more like an acid trip than a beer tasting. Sheesh... There are probably a dozen genuine Belgian brews sitting idly by in the Central Market cooler that would blow Divine Reserve out of the water.

But LennieAmbrose, occasional Eating Our Words blogger and St. Arnold employee, shot back:

I don't really think you can compare Belgian beers to Divine Reserve 11... or Belgian beers to Stone IPA or to Dogfish Head Burton Baton or to Sierra Nevada Glissade or to Harpoon UFO or to.... the point is there are a lot of different styles from a lot of different breweries and comparing the generic term "Belgian" to any of them isn't fair. I think all of us here love a good Belgian as much as we love a good Double IPA. Comparing "Belgians" to a Double IPA is almost exactly like comparing apples to oranges... both fruits but really, really different. Besides, the best beer in the world is made in America these days anyway! USA USA USA!

Thanks for keeping things interesting, you two.

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