Comment of the Day

This morning, Geri Maria Harris listed her Top 5 sushi restaurants in Houston and -- as with any Top 5 or Top 10 list -- everyone weighed in with their own "left out" restaurants.

But one reader, angrybaker, took issue with the name of the post itself, not necessarily the contents:

While I don't necessarily "disagree" with any top 5 list since it's a matter of opinion, I think the author should also differentiate between top 5 sushi roll restaurants and top 5 actual sushi restaurants. The most authentic places I've found in Houston are Miyagi, Teppay, Sasaki and Tokyo Bowl. They all have sushi chefs with decades of experience, classically trained from Tokyo. While none of them match the level of freshness as the sushi and sashimi you'd find in Tsukiji fish market, their attention to detail and presentation are top-notch. They all have excellent authentic Japanese appetizers too.

I love Kata Robata, and I also see the allure of more casual places like Oishii, but they're not exactly reminiscent of the sushi you can find in Japan. That doesn't make them bad at all, I just think "top 5 sushi" is too vague of a description.

Geri herself chimed in afterwards, keeping it appropriately short and sweet: "You make a valid point. I'm just not a fan of long titles."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.