Pot Luck

Comment of the Day

Man, you guys are unpredictable. Last week, the comments on Calliope's in a post by Katharine Shilcutt were all positive, which inspired Kevin Shalin to drop by for a fried oyster po-boy. But today, y'all aren't so into Calliope's. As an example, SirRon's response:

I had the worst oyster po-boy in recent memory from Calliope's (oyster po-boys being my litmus test for po-boys). Since judging a place based on one visit isn't fair, I went back and had one of the worst shrimp po-boys in recent memory.

Is the place hit and miss or do most people have really low standards for fried seafood here? We live near the Gulf. Surely most people know what the good stuff should taste like, right?

Thanks for keeping it interesting, everyone.

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