Comment of the Day

Today Katharine Shilcutt gave readers a primer on how to eat crawfish, getting commenter Trisch ready for the season:

Fond memories of many a bug battle! My sister and I once went to a crawfish/baseball event with a $20 entry fee. At first, the organizers refused to serve more than one plate of crawfish per person no matter how much we begged for more. Most people took this for what it was, finished their one plate and headed into the baseball game. Suddenly, the organizers were left with vats of uneaten bugs and only me, my sister, and one other picnic table of intrepid crawfish fanatics to dispatch them. They started bringing us hotel pans full of bugs and at one point even brought over a whole pot and just dumped it on our table. It was pure bliss, sitting in the sun for 9 innings eating crawfish until our fingers bled. Sis and I both suffered massive sunburns that day, and it took weeks for our thumbs to heal, but it was so very worth it!

Dang, girl. That is impressive.

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