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Nicholas L. Hall is always finding some odd stuff to drink in his unique Build-A-Bar blog posts and today was no different. Today, he went with Fernet Braca, which he described as "bitter, mentholated, and powerfully flavored with herbals" and "a non-minty mint, mixed with eucalyptus and cough medicine." If that weren't enough, he said, "If a taste can be viscous, this is it."

Um, wow. We aren't sure whether we should stand and applaud or try to restrain our gag reflex; maybe both. Whatever the case, the commenters were quick to respond with their own feelings. Commenter sunny bogden agreed with Hall on the viscous description, but added his own recipe to the mix of possibilities for Fernet.

I always thought of Fernet as the foodie's Jaeger, only the OG's could drink it straight. "Viscous" is a great way to describe Fernet. Taken straight, I thought I'd need a tongue scraper to get that taste out of my mouth. You're right though, it's intriguing and it does make you want to taste it again. I've found that I like Fernet when it's tempered with sweet because you can separate out the distinct flavors. My favorite application so far is evaporating down Fernet and using it to flavor homemade marshmallows.

Only on Eating Our Words would a poster talk about a viscous cough medicine liquor and have the commenters respond with recipes for how to use it to flavor marshmallows. Cheers, you crazy, nerdy, wonderful food lovers! We might just do a shot of Fernet in your honor this weekend -- probably not though.

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