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Katharine Shilcutt reported on which Houston restaurants have opened and which have closed, including three Cajun joints. Which led commenter Tim to reflect on Creole and Cajun, New Orleans and Lafayette:

Forgive me for I am about to nitpick:

'Three separate Cajun places went to that big Crescent City in the sky'?

Cajun cooking has a strong influence on much of the food you can eat in New Orleans. There are some great Cajun restaurants there and everyone should be happier for it. Furthermore, the notion that traditional New Orleans cuisine is often called Creole in no way necessarily excludes Cajun cuisine from the New Orleanian canon of cuisine.

However, while I am not a Cajun myself, my understanding is that many if not most Cajuns would probably not consider New Orleans to be their ultimate resting place. It's more likely it would be somewhere closer to the vicinity of Lafayette.

Interesting. But we have to say, "that big Lafayette in the sky" just doesn't have the same ring...

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