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Marco Wiles abruptly closed his new location of Dolce Vita in the Woodlands, and Katharine Shilcutt wrote about it, opening a floodgate of emotion on pizza, foodies, the suburbs and artichokes. (Have we mentioned we love you guys?) Albert Nurick, who often writes about Woodlands restaurants on his own blog, shared his opinion on the demise of Dolce Vita:

I'm detecting sour grapes from Marco on this one. Blaming the customers? Please.

Other upscale pizza places (Grimaldi's and Crust, for example) are doing very well in the Woodlands. Even without Skee-Ball.

More than one friend who tried Dolce Vita mentioned soggy crusts and other examples of poor execution. In many ways, the Woodlands is a small town... word gets around. And Dolce Vita had zero good buzz out here.

Another factor: Wiles picked a very high profile location... one that has failed three times in as many years. It has parking problems, a tiny kitchen, and no anchors bringing in traffic except during concerts across the street at the Pavilion. And Town Center rents in the Woodlands are high, even by ITL standards.

I didn't expect 'em to fold this quickly, but I didn't expect them to last, either.

There you go. Thanks for the insight, Albert.

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