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Katharine Shilcutt posted the story "No Franklin's BBQ for Hitler," and we felt like the last people on earth to learn about the Downfall meme. Most of the EOW commenters were already in the know, especially commenter Eric Sandler, also a Franklin's devotee:

Generally speaking, I'm pretty tired of the Downfall meme, but I love this clip. It perfectly captures every aspect of obsessive barbecue devotion and Franklin in particular. I say that as someone who a couple months ago left Houston at 7am on a Wednesday in order to get to Franklin well enough ahead of their 11am opening that I wouldn't have to wait too long in the line. My plan worked - got to Franklin about 10:30 (stopped for gas and kolaches, hit brutal fog outside of Columbus), 2nd in line and was finished eating before the people who got there when it opened had even ordered.

Totally worth it by the way. Franklin's barbecue is amazing. Since they had all the meats available, I didn't bother with coleslaw. Maybe next time.

Also, kind of a shame that "new and dazzling things to offend you behind every hyperlink" wasn't itself a hyperlink to goatse or lemonparty. That's a lesson well-learned for the easily offended, I think.

Oh, God - we know about goatse. WTF is lemonparty? Here's to us never finding out!

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