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So yeah, apparently some people are kind of upset about some beer festival. Like commenter winelush here:

Just reading this makes me chuckle, and I was going to go, but I lucked into a massive sinus infection and that and 95 degree heat is no bueno. A friend bought VIP, unfortunately he only got 4 beers for the $100 plus he spent cause of the lines and outages.

Anyway, the more Bryan Coward has spoken about this, the more he needs a professional PR person to handle the backlash for the organization. He just shouldn't speak at this point.

Seems to me, someone got greedy, TABC might investigate, and all I can say is I hope the brewers aren't fined and penalized for their involvement in the festival. Cause that will piss me off.


I appreciate the enthusiasm, I can only imagine when the decision was made to have the festival, friends were shotgunning beers at 1am and shouted "dude, let's have a beer festival, how hard could it be!?" But what we have here is a group who were in over their heads before they started, didn't have the professional or life experience to repair the problems during the planning stages and decided to just wing it after selling too many tickets, which if Coward doesn't know right off the top of his head his numbers, there my case in point on being clueless.

They knew the ship was going to go down, they just chose to ignore it and ride the masthead in shape of a question mark into the abyss.

On a post that presently has 99 comments, why did we pick this one? Because it's hard to resist such well-reasoned commentary, followed by such a bizarre final image. Cheers, winelush!

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