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In the comments of Nick Hall's post on a whiskey class at Anvil, Bobby Heugel mentioned that there are plenty of bars and restaurants around town also deserving of acclaim. Asked by another commenter to elaborate, he did, and it's a pretty good list:

I'm done after this because I don't usually engage/read these things. I just happened to today because I wanted to show Berheim some love. Nevertheless, I'll definitely take the opportunity to throw out some support for some other spots. I'm just going to type what I can quickly cause I've got to work to do, so forgive me for the stream of consciousness 2 minute list:

-13 Celsius -Catalina Coffee -Greenway Coffee -Haven -Branchwater Tavern

-Poison Girl -Grand Prize -The Queen Vic -Under the Volcano -Rudyard's -Hearsay -BRC -The Flying Saucer -The Gingerman -Reef -Vieng Thai -Simone -Max's -BB's -Pondicheri -Kata Robata -Libert Station -The Petrol Station -The London Sizzler -Beavers -Feast -Revival Market -West Alabama Ice House -Poscol

& BOB'S TACO STAND IN ROSENBERG! Anyway, you all have a good one. I've got to go tweak a Vieux Carre recipe for those who like them. Those who don't are cool too. I think it's just nice that we have options for everyone and every mood they may find themselves in.

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