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We finally -- finally -- had a Top 5 post today that you all agreed with: John Kiely's ever-useful list of the five best cheap bottles of booze to stock your bar at home. Like many of our readers, commenter Theo Shu threw out some suggestions of his own:

These are all awesome recs. I'd swap out Beefeater for Citadelle, which is $20.34 at Specs. I also have seen Wild Turkey rye at Fiesta Liquor for under $20 (Rittenhouse bonded can be hard to find sometimes). I can't speak to the vodka, but I had a co-worker who told me he used to run the el cheapo crap through a Brita filter. Charcoal filtered!

Brita filters: Is there anything they can't do? Theo, today's Brita-filtered White Russian is for you.

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