Pot Luck

Comment of the Day

Here at Eating Our Words, we try to preach safety at all times. But we have to admit, we admire commenter Dwdickersonjr, who wrote in responding to Joanna O'Leary's piece on eating and driving:

I have been eating while driving most of my life, usually due to time constraints. Long before the cell phone, I was driving a work truck, doing road service, in a '74 Ford E250 with "3 in the tree" manual transmission, while using a two-way radio, and eating jack tacos. And now people can't drive an auto-shift while talking on a cell phone... Slackers...

Man, we can't help it -- we just want to drive around eating jack tacos with you. And if you can explain to us what a "3 in the tree" transmission is, then bonus!

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